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Omni is a complete ERP Solution that provides an all in one solution for your manufacturing  and distribution needs. Omni is not a series of separate applications have to be configured to talk to each other.

Every part of Omni is tightly integrated into one program, including the report writer.

This integration allows quick an easy access to every facet of your company's data.

what we do for you / services

Oak Creek is not simply a software company.  We don't sell software in bulk.  We sell a service that includes a software solution.  We provide all of the training, support, custom documentation, process consulting, reporting and more for your specific company.


We fully implement our software in your organization. It is our job to ensure that Omni matches your business requirements and that you do not have to change your processes to meet the requirement of the software.


We provide training for your entire Organization on every aspect of our software. The best tool is worthless if your organization does not know how to use it.


Documentation of procedures and processes is crucial in every organization. As we implement Omni into your organization, we create a series of documentation that outlines every step of every process.


Reporting is one of the most basic and essential requirements of any ERP solution. All reporting needs is included in our services. We will design and manage any Form or Report necessary for your organization.

Process Improvement

We have 27 years of experience in manufacturing. We are intimately familiar with how every client operates from top to bottom. We have worked with a wide variety of industries and we can help ensure Omni helps to streamline your processes.

Apps Design

Our clients work in warehouses and factories. Having alternative means of accessing data out in your factory can be vital. We custom build mobile application solutions for any android platform to meet those needs.

ISO Certifications

Oak Creek can assist our clients in meeting all of the documentation and reporting requirements for ISO and other Certification Programs.

Regulatory Compliance

We have vast experience with multiple regulatory agencies and can help you keep in compliance with documentation, process and auditing requirements.


why OMNI is the best

There are hundreds of ERP solutions out there.  We focus exclusively on small and medium sized companies that are looking for a product that is not simply a 'download and go' solution.  Omni has been designed to work in nearly any type of manufacturing environment without requiring a massive investment.

Complete Integration

Omni is a single application that has everything you need in one place. There are never any issues with getting different modules to talk to each other or share data.

Ease of Use

We make over 200 changes a year, every year, based on user input, that helps us keep the software simple to use without losing any functionality.

Current Technology

Omni is Developed in Delphi 10.3 Rio and is always kept current with the latest windows functionality. Omni is always compatible with the lastest Windows Server or Desktop.

Multiple Company Support

Omni can support multiple locations in one program. Omni also supports multiple companies that can buy and sell to each other internally.

how we work / policy

We do not sell Omni in mass. We limit ourselves to a certain number of customers to ensure that we can provide the best services possible to every client. Omni is part of a long term partnership solution. We want to be sure that any company we partner with can make proper use of our software. When we take on any new customer, we follow the process below-



We always meet in person to assess your organizations requirements and to get to know all of the employees that will use our software. We talk with everyone in the company to see how everyone does their job.



We go through your entire business process so that we can properly plan an implementation that covers all of your needs company wide. This is done from the execuive management level all the way down to the stock room.



We handle all data conversion and import into Omni. We then configure all of the screens in Omni to conform to what your company needs. We then design every report and form based on the needs of the company.



Once the initial data load is in place, we walk through each business process cycle and configure Omni to work with your business process.  We go through this process with management until everyone signs off on the process and configuration



Once the process and configuration proces is complete, we go through a testing process with the entire organization to ensure the transition plan. This typically involves running various Omni processesin parallel with your current process.



After successful testing of all areas of the business, we plan a launch that typically involves a cut-over date from the old system to Omni. We intensely assist during the transition process to immediately address any hiccups that occur. And hiccups always occur!